Why Do It 4 H.E.R.?

Why H.E.R.?

Good question.

We are doing it for H.E.R. because there are so many women facing and/or have experienced, abuse, divorce, stressors of being a caregiver and of being a single parent. These can weigh down on her and the end result can cause women who were once strong, once steadfast, once exuberant, to lose THEMSELVES, or even worse; the inability to identify or establish their self-worth. They lose all HOPE, they become weak, and they cease to live, but instead they just merely exist.

This is why we have H.E.R.

Here’s to our Hope when we lost it.


Here’s to our Empowerment when we felt weak.

legs press

Here’s to our Renewal when we lost the joy of life.

park yoga

Here’s to H.E.R.


With Love,