Vantashia’s Story

Vantashia's Perspective:

I am a victorious woman filled with hope, empowered by determination and self-worth. I exist and operate through a renewed mind, body, and soul. I embrace the many facets and challenges of life. I am a corporate liaison and a phenomenal woman. I have discovered my purpose and I embrace my destiny. I am Vantashia Shontale.
My purpose is to make known to women of every walk of life how to touch and be touched in a manner conducive to love. I am a firm believer that everything starts and stops with love. Love can have positive and negative effects determined by the use or abuse of it. Embracing my destiny allows me to present many stages and platforms for women of all ages, race, creed and colors. I do it for ME. I do it for YOU. I do it for H.E.R.

Vantashia's Commitment:

Vantashia Shontale is dedicated to being her sister’s keeper, so much so, that this isn’t a fad or trend but a corporation. To put it simply, Vantashia is exercising her love for others while being about her Father’s business. Although it may not always be an easy task, her faith in God and love for the truth keeps her moving forward with this heavy assignment. My Sisters Keep H.E.R. is coming to a location near you and will also have features on the website.

That means don’t be stranger. Follow. Like. Support. H.E.R. and her.

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