KeepSake Terms

Vantashia S. Belk Signature My SIsters KeepH.E.R.

My Sister's Keep H.E.R. Terms and Conditions

MSK provides access for its members to exclusive content within the website. Said members are referred to as "KeepSakes," and will be referred to as such throughout the rest of this documentation.

KeepSake Membership and Site Social Conduct

KeepSakes are granted access to exclusive content, early registration, private workshops, discounts within the MSK Store, and exclusive MSK Store Merchandise. KeepSakes will also receive a MSK Newsletter as part of their membership.

KeepSakes will have exclusive access to Webinars with Ms. Belk. Webinars schedules will be sent to KeepSakes via email to inform and alert of the time. KeepSakes that are live during the launch of the particular webinar are able to ask questions and have access to communicate. Communication experience will vary depending on the device and data connection of the user, therefore an optimum experience cannot be guaranteed.

KeepSakes are granted access to the social portion of the MSK. Keepsakes can take part in MSK Forums. Behavior within the forum is not a representation of Vantashia Belk or the “MSK” brand, logo, or any other entity. The MSK Forum will be monitored, therefore KeepSakes behaving outside of cordial and acceptable behavior can lose access to the Forum and other communication privileges.

Paid KeepSakes

KeepSake Membership is a reoccurring monthly commitment of $4.99. Potential KeepSakes are provided the choice of a 3-day trial membership and/or to begin their $4.99 reoccurring monthly membership.


KeepSake Membership can be cancelled. Memberships to MSK need to be cancelled 30 days prior to your expected cancellation. Processing of cancellation will be completed within the 30 days of your request.

Because KeepSakes are given materials for signing up, as well as, throughout their span of membership, MSK does not provide refunds to KeepSakes. KeepSakes will not be granted refunds at any time during their membership tenure.