1. What is a Keepsake?

ANS. A Keepsake is a member of My Sisters Keep Her. Members are referred to as “keepsake.” Keepsake was the perfect name for the memories shared with MSK from our membership. You communication and participation is not taken lightly, but are treated and referred to in a very sensitive and delicate manner, “keepsake.”

  1. What is the financial commitment of being a Keepsake?

ANS. We do not have a financial commitment to become a Keepsake. We do request each keepsake to commit to being supportive of all events in the local area of residence.

  1. How long does it take to know if application is approved for membership?

ANS Within 10 working days of processed application, accepted applicants are notified of  MSK acceptance, via email.com

  1. What are the age requirements for membership?

ANS. Minimum age for membership is 18 years.

  1. How can Big sister volunteers become a part of your organization?

ANS. MSK does not accept big sister volunteer or affiliates outside of the organization.